Monday, May 30, 2011


30 May, 2011 - Memorial Day. Beautiful, careFREE, unassuming, lazy, relaxed, fun, that's what today was. Basking in the sun at the pool, a cold drink in hand with occasional passing clouds overhead while listening to the song of the cicadas and the SiriusXM 70's station . What more could you ask for other than a little less of the cicada? It's our God-given right to enjoy such a day, right? I suppose some may assume so. Afterall, it's built in to the calendar and it's an official day off from work for most people.

Memorial Day. Yes, seems that we've seen another one come and go. Perhaps, just perhaps you gave a moment of your day to remember what Memorial Day is really all about. It's about memorializing the men and women that have afforded you the FREEdom you have to do all those American things; being careFREE, lazy, relaxed, unassuming, on a fun, beautiful day with friends and family.

I hope you took a moment to remember all the heros in our wonderful country, those that have served, those that are serving and those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our FREEdom. Our brave young men and women of the armed forces step up each and every day to make sure that we are protected from those that have disdain and hatered for our country. We are FREE to enjoy ourselves not only on a day off from work but each and every day for a lifetime.

I salute the flag with pride as well as the men and women who give me the peace to do so FREEly without fear. I am an American, a proud American who believes in our democracy, who respects our FREEdom and recognizes the price that is paid to live as I do. I am thankful for the veterans that have served, for the soldiers that have died, and for the future that we shall continue to fight for.

Thank you, fellow Americans for your sacrifice.

You will not be forgotten.