Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where'd It Go?

Are you kidding me? This is the last day of 2009 and another decade to boot? Where'd it go? I mean I know I was right here the whole time but I just can't imagine where the time went and how it went so quickly! Seems like just a few months ago that Beth and I were chasing our son Daniel around the mid-state watching his high school band competitions and football and soccer games - now he's graduated from college and married! That'll get your attention...

I started thinking about this just a few days ago and it just doesn't seem that it's possible we've just watched another year come and go much less the entire decade. I know it's very cliche' but I honestly don't know where the time went.

It has been a busy year and the Davidson home has been on the go a lot this entire year. Beth and I started a new hobby as many of you know, that being motorcycling. We both have our own bikes now and we spent as much time as we could learning to ride and ride well. We had a blast but the bikes have been put away for several weeks now because of the colder weather. Can't wait 'til spring.

I've been traveling quite a bit especially to Tampa, Florida where I've been involved in our company's purchase of a new property that we'll be moving in to on January 4th. Can't say that going to Tampa in December and January is all that bad, in fact I've been trying to figure out how to keep a winter office there.

Let's see, what else, we got ourselves a new president, the first African American president, who took office this year and we certainly felt the crunch of one of the greatest economic crises in our nations history over the past year and several months. These are just a couple of the big events from this past year but there are so many things to reflect on from the past year and decade so I thought that I'd just list some of them to jog your memory. I hope that you enjoy the memories but moreover I hope you enjoy all that the future holds - Happy New Year in 2010!!

* November 2000 hanging chad debacle from the presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore

* January 2009 crash landing of a US Airways jet into the Hudson River in New York

* February 2003 - Space shuttle Columbia explodes over Tyler, Texas upon returning to Earth from a 16 day space mission

* September 11, 2001 - Terrorist attack killing nearly 3,000 American civilians

* July 2000 - Air France Concord crashed killing all 109 on board

* August 2005 - Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans and surrounding areas

* June 2004 marked the passing of former President Ronald Reagan

* March 2005 - Michael Jackson goes on trial, wearing pajamas, for alleged child molestation charges

* June 2009 - Michael Jackson's passing

* August 2007 - Michael Vick is convicted and goes to prison for his role in bank-rolling a dog fighting ring

*April 2003 - Saddam Hussein's statue is fallen in by soldiers in Baghdad

* December 2004 - The Indian Ocean tsunami claims over 200,000 Indonesian people in the deadliest tsunami in modern history

* August 2007 - Bridge collapse over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, Minnesota

* April 2005 - Passing of Pope John Paul II

* January 2000 - December 2009 - California wildfires, the never ending battle

* April 2007 - At least 30 students were murdered when a gunman began randomly shooting inside a building on the campus of Virginia Tech University

* December 2008 - The fall of financier Bernie Madoff begins upon his confession of stealing billions from investors in an elaborate Ponzi scheme

* April 2003 - Hong Kong takes serious precautions after more than 100 people die from a SARS epidemic, an acute respiratory syndrome

* July 2009 - Sonia Sotomayor is sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Judge

* August 2007 - Barry Bonds breaks Hank Aaron's all-time home run record - 756

* April 2009 - Chrysler Corporation announces bankruptcy

* November 2009 - Tiger Woods fall from grace begins among allegations of marital indiscretions and womanizing

* 2003 - Year of the Mini Cooper

Other interesting things and/or people from the past decade include:

* YouTube

* IPod and Podcasts

* MySpace

* Facebook

* Twitter

* Emails and Texting

* Sexting

* Blackberry or Crackberry

* Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift

* Kenny Chesney

* Snoop Dogg

* Steroids

* Windows Vista

* Smart Phones

* Jon and Kate Plus 8

* The Biggest Loser

* TomKat and Brangelina

* Survivor

* American Idol

* Lindsay Lohann

* Danika Patrick

* Tom Brady and Payton Manning

* Awareness Ribbons and Bracelets

* E-Books


* Reality TV

* Guitar Hero

* Wii

* Digital Cameras

What a decade - have fun the next ten!!!